The Certified Fire Investigator (CFI) Programme is a voluntary certification program administered by the International Association of Arson Investigators(IAAI). The goal of the CFI program is to acknowledge demonstrated competence in the field of fire Investigation. Once successfully completed, the CFI program is a real distinction that acknowledges an individual’s demonstrated competency in all phases of fire investigation through completion of a detailed application and written examination process.

Fire Investigator

The CFI Programme acknowledges expertise and encourages continuing education and training in the field of fire investigation.

The CFI certification program requires minimum levels of Education, Training, and Experience in the field of fire investigation. It is a program that seeks a realistic balance between those areas to ensure that an applicant's experience is well rounded and not purely academic. Today, more than ever, we are seeing changes in the field of fire investigation, many things have made our job in determining fire origin and cause extremely challenging. One way of meeting that challenge and to keep pace with the many changes in our industry is to certify as a CFI.

The CFI program is based on NFPA921 and is a measure of an individual’s competence in all phases of fire investigation.

New Zealand Association of Fire Investigators (NZAFI) has been ratified to conduct the CFI programme in New Zealand.

Fire investigators are invited to apply to take the examination of the IAAI CFI Committee (as approved by the Pro Board).

Scene investigation.

The Application Process
The applicant will initially register their interest in the NZAFI CFI Programme by contacting

The applicant will then recieve an application form and the supporting documents that are required to be completed prior to making an application to sit the CFI exam, a CFI reference list and CFI manual.

When the application form has been completed, the application form and copies of the supporting documents are to be returned to the Secretary for submission to the NZAFI CFI Committee. The supporting documentation to allow verification of all claimed points MUST be provided with the application.

The application will be reviewed and if satisfactory, the applicant will be advised to submit their application to the IAAI. The examination must be taken within 12 months of the receipt of this notification.

The Examination
This is a written exam supplied by IAAI for International Members. 3 hours is allowed to undertake 100 questions. The exam is proctored by a New Zealand or Australasian CFI.